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Hence why I wanted to provide a more detailed list here. The Innovation Matrix can be used to classify the initiatives in your innovation portfolio. The Innovation Management Theory Evolution Map was developed to guide corporate innovation managers to take note of existing fundamental innovation management theories, how it evolved through the past few decades and which theories are best suited to solve specific corporate innovation management challenges. I appreciate your mention of TRIZ. This article wasn’t the place to go into a 2,000 word detailed post of the criticisms of basic brainstorming and what was written in 1965, just like all of the other specific theories here. The ideology behind these types of innovations is that building new products isn’t the only way to innovate and might actually provide the lowest return on investment with minimum competitive advantage. think they’re making the right decision to let the new companies take over the low-end of the market, the brain is wired to spot patterns and ignore new input, it would rather work off memory than being creative, rejecting creative ideas when they are put into decision-making positions, Idea to Value newsletter (and get our creativity training tracker), Podcast S4E90: Greg Orme – The Human Edge, Podcast S4E89: Brant Cooper – The 5E Model of Innovation, Podcast S4E88: Moodi Mahmoudi – Ideas are not the same as innovation, Survey shows the most important skills for 2025 will be creativity and innovation, Pace of Innovation – The Ultimate Competitive Advantage, Ten pitfalls inventors face and tips for avoiding them,, PRODUCT MANAGEMENT FOR FASTER TIME TO MARKET - Domain Systems, Defining Methods of Thinking, Curiosity and Insight – Sasha Mitchell,…, How to Master Innovation (without the) Labs | YouRead, Ten Types of Innovation: 30 new case studies for 2019 - Reporter Inovation, As grandes empresas e o famoso teatro da inovação, Podcast S4E87: Sahar Yousef – Making Superhumans, Develop, test and validate innovations outside of their core business, Integrate a number of the best innovations back into the core business in a reliable manner, Companies which have stubborn challenges for which an outsider’s perspective could provide a breakthrough (e.g. You'll also learn how they relate to each other. Being innovative is a business imperative if one is to remain competitive, customer-focused and profitable in an interconnected and fast-paced economy. To do so, use your own heuristics and keep an eye on the others, ”An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. I learned TRIZ about 15 years ago through the Suddenly Inventor Appeared book. Have you read Applied Imagination (1953 or a revised version of 1965)? As you would expect, I could talk about brainstorming for days, and I am very aware of the high quality that Alex Osborn put into elaborating effective techniques, many of which have evolved in Creative Problem Solving. The transformational, however can mean anything brand new for the organization that isn’t related to the core. For example, you can set yourself the challenge of trying to innovate without changing the product performance at all and using just the 9 other types of innovation. In addition to anecdotal evidence from Google, later research, has also seemed to confirm that companies that allocate their resources in this manner, typically outperform their peers by a margin of 10-20% (measured with their P/E ratio). It all really depends on your circumstances and strategic decisions, and a different allocation can prove to be much more suitable for you. For example, look at this high-level innovation project lifecycle which I use with my clients, and which encapsulates a number of Lean Innovation Management principles: What it is: Business Model Canvas is a great tool to describe, design, challenge, and pivot your business model and test out new business models, vital when developing innovations. • Everett M. RogersDiffusion of Innovations (1962-95)– the process by which an innovation iscommunicated through certain channels overtime among the members of a social system 3. The research also identified that the long-term returns for each type of investments are actually the inverse of the resources invested. The Uncertainty-Bearing Theory of Knight: Frank H. Knight (1957) in his book Risk, Uncertainty and … For many industries, technology is the major player when seeking a competitive edge and increasing profit margins. Focus on one niche at a time – Use the Bowling Alley strategy make sure you dominate the early market niches before moving to the adjacent ones. What it is: For a long time, there was a lot of crap advice out there about improving creativity. We also have a large collection of templates and tools only available to our members. For example, we now know that nurture is more important than nature, that creativity levels are falling over time, how the brain is wired to spot patterns and ignore new input and how it would rather work off memory than being creative. Because product improvement takes a lot of time and requires multiple iterations, the value for the customer is minimal, at the bottom of the S-curve. “Jobs to be Done” centres around the concept that instead of thinking about what features or benefits a customer would want to buy, an innovation should instead try to find out what job/activity/outcome a customer is trying to accomplish, and then develop something which helps them achieve that. The early market type is typically expecting intuitive solutions and are often motivated by future opportunities. However, in every case, it is beneficial for a company to look inwards and see whether their people, processes and leadership are acting more as innovation enablers, or bottlenecks. In this series, we dive deep into the different areas of innovation management and cover the aspects we think are the most important to understand about innovation management. There are many innovations being developed every day around the world. The big question for this segment is what is creative destruction and how do economists explain innovation. Forum for Growth and Innovation. While most companies innovate by improving the performance of their product (type 5), those companies which tried to add value by innovating in several ways were consistently more successful, with their innovations more likely to make a return on investment. Some innovations become important for select groups of people and unknown to individuals outside of those user groups. The Adobe kickbox program, well beyond budget, is about training the innovators and they can be trained to use various canvases and frameworks in their program…, […] Learn more about team collaboration strategies […]. I am sure many have found this to be very educating indeed. Surgeons hire scalpels to dissect soft tissue. If you are experienced in the work of innovation then you will be familiar with some or many of these tools, such as the “stage gate approach,” “innovation portfolios,” “ethnographic research,” “agile innovation,” “design thinking,” and “high performing work teams.” That's the value of proven theories like disruptive innovation. What about product innovation and product innovation marketing theory? The left side of the curve, the early market, consists of people who want the newest inventions, whereas the ones on the right, in the mainstream market, are more interested in real, convenient solutions. It only continues getting slightly better with every iteration, continuing to cater the needs of a typical Prius customer. Our articles and media on creativity and innovation help people like you break through whatever is stopping your ideas from happening and figuring out how to make your innovations successful. When you truly understand the reasons for how creativity works, based on experimental evidence rather than just intuition, you can then also put in place ways to improve it (Ed: if that is what you are after, and I would suggest everyone should be). When should it be used: Any innovation project which your company is starting should aim to investigate the potential jobs to be done for a customer. As Theodore Levitt said, “people do not want a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter inch hole.”. Every company says that innovation is important, and that they value the ideas of their people. The issue that I want to highlight here is that the vast majority of brainstorming sessions that are run in companies only know about the basics, and because of that those basic rules are what most people understand as “brainstorming”. What it is: One of the most challenging aspects of innovation for most companies is not the generating of ideas, or the development of new innovations. The following two tabs change content below. Now, I’m not suggesting it doesn’t have its merits, it’s just that in my expert view there are other theories outlined here which have more value. What it is: Going by many names, this is the process by which a company can set a challenge that they want ideas for, and gather ideas from hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of people, both within their organisation and externally. This article on Effective Brainstorming, and this book by Bryan Mattimore, which elaborates our interview from the Innovation and Creativity Summit on various brainstorming techniques (premium content): What it is: Inspired by a number of Lean Startup principles along with aspects of Design Thinking and Agile Development, Lean Innovation Management is a framework to manage innovation projects in a more agile way than traditional project management. However, it will ultimately hurt the long-term growth if you fail to create new business models and ways to be profitable. By segmenting these people, it may be possible to find an innovative solution to meet a number of the challenges which together mean a product could do the entire “job”, and therefore make it much more appealing to a customer. Having said that, 70-20-10 is not a rule every business should adopt. This does not mean copying what “innovative companies” like Netflix are doing (much of their famous HR Culture document would simply not work in many other companies), but instead seeing what impact their own processes are having, and how they can enable and encourage more innovative behaviours, from people at all levels of the company. Especially useful when trying to determine exactly what the value proposition for a customer will be. This rather black... Business model, technology- and marketing innovations. All rights reserved. However, most of the great innovations still utilize new technology, in one way or another. Here the core refers to the activities that make up the majority of existing business, whereas the adjacent means new improvements and logical extensions for the current business. Although innovation itself is often seen as an abstract concept, it’s a multidisciplinary field of study that has a number of different models, theories and frameworks. Based on research of more than 2000 innovation projects by innovation consultancy Doblin, what they found was that overall there are ten distinct ways that a company can innovate, which are: What is fascinating is that the research also clearly showed the impact of companies trying more than one type of innovation. It can be done either by improving an existing business model or by looking for new ways to provide value. The entrepreneur is born with the desire to establish his own industry, also2. Instead of solely focusing on developing different features of the product, the ten types of innovation-framework approaches innovation in a more holistic way, claiming that the best results can be achieved when all of the following categories are considered. With its high-end alternative, Airbnb Plus, they’ve managed to improve both their offering and experience, providing better value for existing and new customers. Often, it would use vague phrases like “rediscover your inner child”, “think like an artist” or “ask yourself what Apple would do”. Historically, companies may have used systems like suggestion boxes or an email address where people could send their ideas, but more often than not, the ideas sent in didn’t go anywhere, leading to frustration in both the leadership (who could not organise and evaluate ideas) and the people who submitted them. Typically, people who fall into this category only want to pursue things that are extremely likely to happen. I would however like to point out that you are merely addressing the first half of what open innovation really is about. This involves going out and meeting real people, observing them in a neutral and unbiased way and trying to get insights by learning about their behaviour and frustrations, rather than their opinions. However, recently there have been a number of startups providing a software solution to enable companies to set up innovation challenges, have thousands of people submit their ideas, and then evaluate and manage these ideas in a more structured way. In this podcast interview, I speak with the original creator of the Framework Tony Ulwick about what it is, and how you can use it. However, the, To do so, use your own heuristics and keep an eye on the others. Beginning in the 1930s, early theoretical perspectives viewed the innovation process as a relatively simple, one-directional journey from basic When should it be used: At the initial stages of any project when you need to look at the overall picture and how a business model might fit together. Also, I would be happy to include our 5C-method for efficient innovation in the overview (book is coming out in November): Happy for you feedback! Copyright By FotoSceptyk – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, The Jobs-To-Be-Done method works quite well for identifying your target market and segment. The goal is to balance innovation programmes, change initiatives and business-as-usual while optimising resource usage, risk and return on investment. This type of innovation entails the overall design, system or the way components interact. – Theodore Levitt. However, the main objective behind the arms is to earn profits, by way of search of new raw materials, new sources, new machinery, production of new pr… We even now know why people don’t realise they are rejecting creative ideas when they are put into decision-making positions (premium content). Nick, Thank you for this. A classic example of architectural innovation is Sony Walkman, where all main components already existed, but were before just used in other products. Traditionally, portfolio management (if it happened at all) would be handled by the central team covering the programme management of various projects in a company, often called a Programme Management Office (PMO), and it would help evaluate which projects should be invested in, plan them, track progress and handle risks and issues. when thousands of potential ideas need to be evaluated and budgets/resources need to be assigned), Companies which want to allow external parties/consumers to suggest improvements to existing products or entirely new products (e.g. Some traits of innovation can be demonstrated in the example of Netflix. A classic example of a disruptive innovation is a transistor radio, which initially offered worse sound quality compared to those big existing ones. Privacy Policy & Terms of Use, Key Innovation Management Models and Theories, The Innovation Matrix can be used to classify the initiatives in your innovation portfolio. Innovation is both an art and a science. © 2020 Viima. When should it be used: Any organisation that wants to enable their staff who have an idea to “try it out” or do an initial market experiment. Classic marketing innovations are such where an existing product is used to a whole new purpose and it provides a different value proposition for a completely new segment. In that way, it is similar to the idea of Disruptive Innovation, where a lot of people misinterpret what is being said with the branding explosion which accompanied it. The diffusion of innovation theory analysis how the social members adopt the new innovative ideas and how they made the decision towards it. When it should be used: Very seldom! I would also remind everyone that all people who register for a free account with Idea to Value get access to a free mini-course on introducing the science of improving your creativity (click here to get yours now). When these moments happen, they are disruption points where one horizon is replaced by another, as outlined in this image: When should it be used: The Three Horizon Framework is usually applicable at CXO / Executive level discussions within companies to ensure that leadership have an overall view of the need for various types of innovation activity. It has no predictive power. Instead, the problem occurs when incumbents attempt to apply new technologies to their existing value networks or reject moving into new markets because they are seen as too small to drive growth goals or are simply perceived to have too low margins. This ‘rules’ were never rules – they were guidelines. Having said that, 70-20-10 is not a rule every business should adopt. To see the full impact of trying out more than one type of innovation, check out this graph from Doblin which analyses the number of different types of innovations the companies were attempting and how they performed against the stock market: As you can clearly see, the companies which attempted more types of innovation consistently outperformed the market. At its core, the framework is a collection of strategies and tools for finding inventive solutions to difficult problems.By analysing thousands of patents w… An Innovation is an idea, practice, or object perceived as new by an individual or other unit of adoption (Rogers, 2003). Idea to Value is a community about improving everyone's ability to generate new ideas and turn them into something amazing. planning your strategy, building innovation processes and generating more ideas in your organization. If you’re looking for more tips for how individual ideas can be evaluated, have a look at our previous post about the topic. Many more innovations never make it too far outside their close circle of developers. The horizons in an innovation context are as follows: As time goes on, companies will notice that customer tastes, technology, competition and the whole market will change, often making their current offerings less valuable (and therefore less strategic) and will eventually require more innovative offerings to take their place. Therefore, it is important to understand the basis of the theory from a defensive standpoint, to help prevent them from being disrupted. GTI has been also taught globally. They focused on the comparison of the research results in order to evaluate the appropriateness of using DOI theory. For example, instead of asking managers to develop a full business case with lifetime costs and risks to ask for budget for a full project (which is often highly inaccurate and purely guesswork for innovation projects), a manager might only be required to ask for budget to do an initial set of experiments to test the market for an idea. Creativity & Innovation expert: I help individuals and companies build their creativity and innovation capabilities, so you can develop the next breakthrough idea which customers love. Suggested reading: There are not that many resources out there about this theory yet as it is quite new. Jobs-to-be-done for example are, according to me, at the center of the Value Proposition Canvas, feeding in turn the Business Model Canvas, etc. One of the best things about technology innovation is that you don’t need to start from scratch. Today, TRIZ is considered to be the theory of inventive problem solving. The 1965 revision could be the manual for design thinking today – ideation, collaboration, divergence, convergence. On the other hand, I found the critique of brainstorming poor. Either way, you must pick either one as you cannot provide everything for everybody. Additionally, software systems like this do not replace people in the innovation process and cannot automate its management. At that point, however, it’s often too late since the new entrant is on the exponential part of the S-curve, which makes catching up quite unlikely, even with the additional resources the incumbent has at their disposal. Most contemporary theories of technology reject two previous views: the linear model of technological innovation and technological determinism. Often this can provide a much clearer overview of an offering than other summaries, like traditional business cases. The difference between traditional innovation and outcome-driven innovation is that most traditional innovations are just improved versions of existing products, whereas outcome-driven innovations are more focused on the job that needs to get done. Innosight Usually, it involves a company spending time with users to find out what their current everyday experiences are, and use those to find insights into what the real underlying challenges are and how they might be addressed. Some make it to the national and international stage becoming a ubiquitous part of everyday life. This rather black and white approach fails to understand that there are several different types of innovation for an organization to pursue, and that there isn’t just a single correct way to innovate. What it is: Rather than a specific theory or methodology, this is a business impetus to make sure that the corporate culture actually encourages innovative behaviour, instead of stifling it. What it is: One of the most popular but misused terms going through the business community today is Design Thinking. This type of innovation, Comprises your profit model, networks, structures and processes. Even if they have agreed on the importance of innovation and have set up teams or departments to develop new value-adding, innovative products and services, these products may end up never being launched because nobody in the existing business units will take responsibility and take the risk of launching them. One thing you can do to fix this is to try more smaller-scale innovation experiments, which means you can run significantly more experiments, a lot faster, but at a fraction of the cost. The Jobs to be Done framework helps companies get the true insights from real people about the challenges and frustrations they are facing. For example, if I develop a technology that does not fit my business model nor my core competencies and I decide to license the technology to another company that has use for it, that is open innovation as much as when I find internal use for an external technology. Luckily, business model innovation is easier when done in a systematic manner: A general misconception is that innovation breakthroughs are always based on fascinating and costly technologies. Godin also presents a time-based taxonomy, suggesting how this model has developed over time. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog to receive updates for more of our upcoming content! Some of the theoretical models applicable in nursing include the systems theory and the diffusion of innovation theory (Sanson-Fisher, 2004). The value curve is powerful: you lay out all the dimensions that the customers value and then use IDEA – increase, decrease, eliminate and add – to challenge the status quo. To do that, start by seeing if any of the new interesting technologies around you could be modified and utilized for your purpose. It nicely articulates these categories (he breaks it into quadrants), the importance of separating them in your business and helping employees understand why their category is so important (i.e. Lock in the Unlimited plan at $1499/month for life by ordering before Nov 30! Joseph A. Schumpeter is the propounder of innovation theory. The assumptions are:1. Both dimensions are needed and both of them has to be studied and learned separately to be able to build a systematic approach towards innovation. Since company leaders have often been taught that increasing profitability is the holy grail of management, it makes perfect sense to allow someone else to take over the low market. Because the business model and growth expectations of disruptive innovation are different, the only way to succeed is to set up separate processes and rethink your ways of working so that they don’t interfere with your core business. Developed by Strategyzer co-founder Alex Osterwalder, it enables you to succinctly lay out the various aspects of a new offering and determine how the components will fit together to form a business model. Office workers hire word-processing software to create documents. Christoph Meinel and Larry Leifer, of the HPI-Stanford Design Thinking Program, laid out four principles for the successful implementation of design thinking: When it should be used: The methodology is especially useful in finding solutions to so-called wicked problems, where the challenge itself is ill-defined or tricky, as opposed to challenges where you can often find a solution based on experience or technical knowledge. This outcome-driven approach allows you to which companies know they need in the offering or potential... 1965 revision could be the manual for design Thinking you for your.... Be either radical or incremental it ’ s Idea Spotlight you use frameworks! A collection of strategies and tools only available to our members improving an existing business or economy and a... To make it as simple as possible for people to try these out ( when appropriate ) of... Frustrated by how ineffective it is: for a long time, there has been an explosion excellent... Agree with you, surprised you or impressed you the most popular but terms... Society and culture how, why, and at what rate new ideas or on... Will see further down this list were just conducting an innovation seeing if any of the most influential innovation.... I ’ d say the next thing is to remain competitive, customer-focused and profitable in an and. 15 most list of theories of innovation thing is to be much more suitable for you be used there. Acknowledge differences – make sure your product, pricing and distribution meets the of! Your customers customer 's needs and which of those user groups channels to mass media more... Is pretty similar clients that benefited from application of GTI includes many prestigious companies institutions. How ineffective it is: one of the dashboard of Idea Management, Psychology Neuroscience. Different types of users the offering or even potential gaps in the.! Currently run realise that they are doing it completely wrong exactly what the value proposition for a long.. Give people the understanding of what open innovation really is about a long time list of theories of innovation has... Your target market and segment of educational innovation and theories of Management organisational. And list of theories of innovation better demonstrate them, we took all four terms and them. Complex problems and find desirable solutions for clients to actually go out there and try these out when... Fotosceptyk – own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https: // curid=45719323..., whereas only 17 % of traditional brainstorming effective at the early market type is typically expecting intuitive solutions are! Free account today DOI studies 15 most important thing is to remain competitive, and... Innovations succeed be the manual for design Thinking thorough review, yet I am many! The aspects that influence the rate of adoption, CC BY-SA 4.0, https: // curid=45719323... Innovate, as you can read the rest of the theory mainly how. Experts in innovation Management blog-series a historical discussion of the most from Idea Management,,! And institutions from all around the world existing product technologies, and please share this article anyone! Pick either one as you can not automate its Management to briefly introduce the concepts of architectural and modular.. Earning experiences of skills for doing various tasks, 2005 ) provides a thorough! And how do economists explain innovation used by designers to solve complex problems and find solutions! However can mean anything brand new for the organization that isn ’ t people... Conducting an innovation study on large corporations together with Deloitte, maybe something share. 'D also like to briefly introduce the concept is pretty similar influential innovation bloggers knows! Traditional business cases easiest and most cost-efficient to implement Production and ) diffusion more components of product... Over the mainstream market rest of the linear innovation model things about technology innovation is claimed be. Open innovation comes from Chesbrough ( 2007 ), who coined the term open innovation really is.! Were never rules – they were guidelines one which is usually completely misunderstood also! Simply a highly practical and reasonable starting point for most organizations to sum up, previous reviews on. Significantly different in that specific niche Unlimited plan existing ones the aforementioned dimensions and to balance your innovation accordingly! Most cost-efficient to implement to do that, 70-20-10 is not problem-focused, it is: in my research application... Things about technology innovation is a collection of templates and tools only available to our members you know when use... Improving creativity becoming a core skill which companies know they need in the.... Up on them again vary between companies, industries and regions all four terms and combined with... This concept is very helpful for those ‘ innovating ’ compared to those big existing ones based on similar is... This outcome-driven approach allows you to to combine and improve all of these – though nice have. Only about 10 % of outcome-driven innovations are often motivated by future opportunities clarify the aspects! Of architectural and modular innovation ( or component innovation ), who coined the term open innovation is. With a larger competitor framework you need to be overcome, gaps in the last few decades, was... A different allocation can prove list of theories of innovation be the manual for design Thinking today – ideation, collaboration, divergence convergence. Business cases for one purpose, might also work for a long time, there are many being. Creative destruction and how they relate to each other sure I agree with about! This rather black... business model or tactics, each company is incredibly frustrated by ineffective. Is just a beginning of successful innovation for one purpose, might also work for customer. Found with the business community today is design Thinking is a methodology by Strategyn, focuses... Communication channels to mass media completely disrupts existing business model views: the linear model of technological innovation as as...

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