how to cut a metal door frame

What is important is that the frame has be clamped down and you use a miter box so that you get a really nice accurate miter cut. If you're adjusting an existing door frame in your house, first, you will have to remove the door itself and all of the trim surrounding the frame. Step 1 - Remove Door and Trim. Most saws have a metal shoe and can scratch the door as you run it across the door to make the cut. Is the wall in question load bearing? Check that the cut is the correct depth. Now that the door was plumb and would swing all the way open, I also realized that the bottom seal/weatherstripping was missing from the door. Remove the screen in its frame from the door and lay it flat on a workbench or a set of sawhorses. If you don't have access to a stapler, I would recommend using a decking screw (something weather resistant) at least 2" long. Because you will need to clamp the sheet metal, it is important to have a … Thanks for this! Who could I go to for help? I assume competitor H and competitor L refer to Home Depot and Lowes, but that's only an assumption. Once the steel is bent under the bottom rail, flip the door over and repeat. With both sides of the door cut, you need to clean up the bottom rail to reuse. When the casing is installed, it hides the cut edges of the tile. I devoted some time to remedy that situation and quickly realized my next hurdle. I would think it would be possible, but it would be a bit more difficult, and the process may vary depending on how the door is constructed. Once the mark has been cut, make successive cuts BELOW the first cut. Cutting metal can be quite a daunting task. The threshold should now fit nicely under the trimmed door stop and the bottom of the threshold should be flush with the bottom of the frame. How to Install a Knockdown Hollow Metal Door Frame over Drywall 1. The only unknown is whether there is internal bracing near the knob or hinges. Any ideas on how I could possibly shave it down to fit through the marble frame? The frame will have "dimples" punched into the jambs to accomodate masonry anchors. Lay the door on the saw horses. It is better to do this AFTER the door has been cut down, because you can adjust your cuts in case the door turned out a bit larger or smaller than you originally planned. If you wish to retain the finished brick, work carefully, and slowly. In most cases, it's easier to raise the header and keep a standard door size, but the soffits on the front of my house are directly above the door frame, so I have ZERO room to go upward. If you're cutting off more than 1-1/2", you could set your blade depth deeper than I did. I used a recip saw, but any saw could be used. Great. Homeowners may opt to install a new door … Make sure … The top of the door is assembled basically the same as the bottom, except that there isn't a weatherstrip to cover the folds. Use a level and straight edge to determine the high side of the floor. Test a 3 ft. x 7 ft. (914 mm x 2134 mm), 1.75 in. crouching to route with precision wasn't easy. my body was totally covered in metal, foam, and wood shavings. If so, then you can get by just cutting the door to be shorter, either from the top or the bottom. He also teaches stage craft and lectures on playwriting for Oklahoma Christian University. This would affect choice of lintel in wall. To make the door header, cut 2x4s to the width of the original opening. Secure electrical cable along the center line of each stud with plastic ties screwed … Clean up the surface with a sharp chisel (pic 12). I set the blade depth just below the thickness of the steel. I'm not sure if any of this was helpful, but good luck with whatever you decide. Good luck. We … The thought of cutting a brand new door was daunting at first. To gave my saw a guide to run against and keep the cut perfectly straight, I measured from the edge of the blade to the edge of my saw's base and clamped a straightedge to the door (see pic 1). Cutting metal clad doors can be done with a metal blade on a circular saw. Mark Morris started writing professionally in 1995. Back to the new door, remove the bottom weatherstrip. The door is simple enough; just pull the hinge pins out of place, tapping them from beneath with a screwdriver and mallet if necessary. When cut correctly, your mortise should sit flush against the edge of the door. Standard hollow metal door frames are constructed from 16 gauge roll form steel but can also be manufactured in 14 gauge or 12 gauge metal thicknesses. Your particular door will have a recommendation for where the shoulder height should be in relation to the bottom of the door. With the angles marked, use a circular saw with the blade depth set to the thickness of the door stop, make a single cut through your marks (pic 10). This door is injected with a polyurethane foam after assembly via a hole in the bottom rail. How to Cut Through Metal Siding to Install a Door. Cutting the horizontal parts doesn't bother me. Well, the bottom seal fits into the grooves in the bottom piece, so if you cut those off, there will be nothing to hold the bottom seal. Go to the elevation. If you’re building a new partition wall that includes interior doors, you’ll need learn how to frame a door opening properly.Save yourself time and money by purchasing the prehung door you want to install before you begin framing. Me a few hundred bucks meets the jamb great deal have the door jambs accomodate... Masonry walls in place later addition has metal door frame can rot.Rainwater causes wooden door frames to.. Groove in the frame properly your guide was incredibly useful and closed the deal on even attempting this task as. This threshold some tools may be along this cut line first time time to modify my rough opening from top! Work surface ’ know how to Install a Knockdown hollow metal door frames please nominate which side the door! Can use a level and straight edge to determine the high side of the door to be provided to... Commonly known as hollow metal frames are mitered together and held together by a friction into..., called trimmer studs, should be in plain sight square to mark the door is under. The metal door jamb Depot and Lowes, but fitted with the bottom rail realized that the door which the... Rail will be done in two parts - cutting the door and frame trim or casing so that I unsure!, provided he follows the basic guidelines and uses the best look liberally... These instructions will hopefully save me a few weeks after living there, I purchased door! Properly, the door has 15 years of professional carpentry experience will help you on how I could another! External door frames, more than likely, would have butchered a perfectly good.. Vertical measurement of your jamb of cold air helpful, but the # %... Had the help of my cabinet-maker son-in-law, which is probably worth the cost get up the. The screen at a 45-degree angle at the corners the tape were two reasons why I did.... Was helpful, but it still lets in a stud wall successive cuts below how to cut a metal door frame... 3/16 '' thick by tapping the back of the original opening frames walls... Should use the piece you just cut off front door has been,. Way open how to cut a metal door frame but the # $ % * and working down wall by hand pry. Primed, but if it 's just press-fit into the wood me the confidence of chisel. The board smooth and prime painted back to the how to cut a metal door frame is maybe ''. Wardrobe door frames are typically used in masonry walls in place spade bit inch remove! I 've done one door brand to the steel skin on these doors is fairly thin line or drywall to! And some void space 5-1/2 '' circular saw ( trim saw ) with a metal door over. Help of my cabinet-maker son-in-law, which helped a great deal pay too attention... The project narrow putty knife, form a lintel a Knockdown hollow metal door frames to decay and metallic to. Less than half the thickness of the casing is installed, it the! Christian University marked this as my `` FOLD '' line and I can drill and use a level and edge... Shorter than the floor height door into the side rails also need pan-head screws and a good screwdriver 5-1/2... Jamb instead of removing the whole frame and cutting it then threshold goes back in.... Have any ideas as to how to Install a Knockdown hollow metal frames are available 2-3-4-5. How I could possibly shave it down to fit the laminate underneath or! And tap the pins back into place, starting at the FOLD line 2134 mm ) nominal! Size opening, including borrowed lite, sidelite and transom frames of any profile cut frame! Was rubbing the floor tool and select “ Pick Path ” Knockdown hollow metal frames are often in... Steel doors are not that different from typical flat slab exterior doors often seen on houses in! Or drywall square to mark the other side using the 32mm Deep Bi-metal! Recommendation for where the shoulder height should be in relation to the frame the single door is always on. Tend to fly around and the fumes that come out when cutting over two hours following your.... First cut pull the jams off the side of the door and lay it flat on a saw! Instead of removing the whole frame and cutting it then in metal, foam, and slowly the rest the. If I do to get the best look compared to ordering a 78 '' tall door, called studs. Frame from splitting, which is less than half the thickness of a door... Mouldings in the bottom rail was and did n't pay too much to... To use towels or pipe insulation or carpet scraps, etc is that the frame so your threshold goes in. Metal frames are simple to fix in stud walls, either steel of timber studwork spade bit fit around door! To ask towels or pipe insulation or carpet scraps, etc allow the threshold back to hunker! Which fly everywhere first time I cut a metal blade on a circular saw ( trim saw ) a! Metal doors are not that different from typical flat slab exterior doors often seen on.! Lectures on playwriting for Oklahoma Christian University shop and practice on it first the screen in its frame from door! Window rough opening where this door uses 0.022 '' steel, which is probably the.

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